So we’re probably not going to get a video of Michelle Trachtenberg pouring water over herself at this point, but she did post this picture so I really can’t be mad.

I mean she donated the money. That’s the actually important part.

Michelle accepted the challenge! Now we all wait for a video of her pouring water over herself, for the internet. In the mean time, look at this picture from her Instagram which shows that Michelle Trachtenberg’s smile is the best thing in the entire universe.

The rest of Michelle Trachtenberg is pretty high up on the list of “best things in the universe”, too.

So Katee Sackhoff (who is awesome) challenged Michelle Trachtenberg to the Ice Bucket Challenge.This means that, according to INTERNET LAW, she has to pour ice cold water over her head within 24 hours. or she has to donate money to charity. Or something. Look, I’m not sure how it works, but it’s still a thing. She only has a few hours left!

Michelle Trachtenberg is so adorable.

Michelle Trachtenberg’s Instagram continues to be the best thing on the internet.

This is what I would call a Classic Michelle Trachtenberg Dress.

I’d like to present to you, once again, Michelle Trachtenberg.

It’s her dog, Mya! We haven’t seen her dog for a while, actually…

Can we all just agree right now that Michelle Trachtenberg is the best person? It’ll save a lot of time later.

Look at this picture. Look at this picture.

It’s once again time to say “Hey that Michelle Trachtenberg is really great” on Tumblr again!

Hey that Michelle Trachtenberg is really great!

Michelle Trachtenberg having Instagram (and posting pictures) is probably the best thing that has ever happened on the internet.

Michelle Trachtenberg’s face is probably the best thing that has ever happened in this reality.

Michelle Trachtenberg’s Face. Thanks Instagram!

Her face is in this picture, too! Not pictured: Her awesome socks.

BIG SECRETS coming out of Michelle Trachtenberg’s Instagram: Now we know where she gets all of her giant necklaces from!

This is a smaller necklace… but still good!