Michelle Trachtenberg cares about the Earth. Which is good because, as previously mentioned, it’s where she happens to live.

She also wore this dress and that was a good thing.

Today is Earth Day, or so the spinning globe in the Tumblr logo tells me. Michelle Trachtenberg lives on this Earth, so this is relevant.

This is a publicity still from Young Americans Kids in America Take Me Home Tonight where Michelle plays a goth character and also her tongue is in the film.

Remember last November when it seemed like you couldn’t go a day without a new Michelle Trachtenberg interview? That was great. More of that, please.

I like this “Michelle Trachtenberg”.

I’m going to post this picture of Michelle Trachtenberg, and you can see if you like it.

Hey it’s Michelle with her also-really-great friend Emma Roberts! She is, as I just said, also really great.

One of these days people everywhere are going to be like “That Michelle Trachtenberg, she’s great” and I’m going to be like “Yeah”.

That Michelle Trachtenberg, she’s great.

This time in two weeks The Scribbler will be out! I mean, it will only probably be on, like, five screen, but that still counts!

Look at her face and how great her face is.

Confirmed: Michelle Trachtenberg will be wearing some very shiny jewelry.

She’s pretty shiny there, too! And pale. Pretty pale. Pretty and pale.

Michelle Trachtenberg is still, as ever, the best person. And she might even be in things in the next few months!

This dress is great. I really like this dress. And the little belt.

Well it’s about time for Michelle Trachtenberg, I think.

I don’t care how often these pictures come up they’re always great becauseĀ she’s in glasses.

Today is Sarah Michelle Gellar’s birthday and without SMG we probably wouldn’t have had Michelle Trachtenberg on Buffy and that would have been very bad.

That’s a nice sca- THOSE EARRINGS ARE HUGE.