Michelle Trachtenberg is still, as ever, the best person. And she might even be in things in the next few months!

This dress is great. I really like this dress. And the little belt.

Well it’s about time for Michelle Trachtenberg, I think.

I don’t care how often these pictures come up they’re always great because she’s in glasses.

Today is Sarah Michelle Gellar’s birthday and without SMG we probably wouldn’t have had Michelle Trachtenberg on Buffy and that would have been very bad.

That’s a nice sca- THOSE EARRINGS ARE HUGE.

I wish there would be, like, a full trailer for The Scribbler. Or anything about The Scribbler. Michelle Trachtenberg’s in The Scribbler.

That jacket. That’s a good jacket.

The lesser-spotted Pink Haired Michelle Trachtenberg.

The even-lesser-spotted Swimsuited Michelle Trachtenberg.

So it looks like filming has started on Save the Date. That’s… something alright!

Her arms are something alright/

It’s that time again! Michelle Trachten… time? Does that work?

Something that does work: Michelle Trachtenberg in this dress.

Good news: There were new pictures of Michelle Trachtenberg
Bad news: She was standing next to a man in them, so cue the endless news posts about “ARE THEY A COUPLE????”. They might be! They might not!

But seriously though, “Fans aren’t not sure if they spent the rest of the night locking lips, but at least they both locked in their seat belts!” is terrible terrible writing and whoever wrote it should be ashamed of themselves.


She’ll never stop being great, but it’s nice to be reminded.

With so many TV shows starting either this week or next week, it’s sad that none of them even feature Michelle Trachtenberg.

Hey! I recognise that picture!